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iPad Guides and Tutorials

Do you need help setting up iTunes home sharing on your iPad? Do you need a guide to set your iPad up to be kid-friendly? Did you know you can hook up your iPad to your TV? Or use your iPad 2 for placing FaceTime calls? There's plenty of secrets and tricks to using the iPad, and these guides will help you get the most out of your iPad.
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The iPad Guide: How to Get the Most Out of the iPad
The iPad Guide covers everything from how to pick out the right model when buying an iPad to how to get started with the iPad to tricks and tips on how to get the most out of your iPad. Included are some of the best apps for the iPad and some basic troubleshooting steps in case you encounter problems.

How to Save Space on Your iPad
There are a number of ways to save storage space on your iPad, including giving your iPad a good cleaning and utilizing the cloud for storage.

A Guide to iPad Home Sharing
Did you know you don't have to load all of your music and movies onto your iPad? Home Sharing allows you to share your music and movies from your PC to your other iDevices like the iPad. And when you read this guide, you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to set up iPad Home Sharing.

How to Upgrade to iOS 7
iOS 6 brings a lot of important features to the iPad and iPhone such as an improved Siri, integrated Facebook and an all-new Maps application. So how do you upgrade to iOS 6?

iPad Maintenance: Keeping Your iPad Clean and Running Efficiently
Did you know the iPad can back itself up on a regular basis? It's also a bad idea to use window cleaner on your iPad. These maintenance tips will steer you towards the best ways to keep your iPad optimized and running smoothly.

How to Launch an iPad App (Even If You Don't Know Where It Is Located)
Did you know you can quickly launch an iPad app using Spotlight Search? It is also a great way to find a specific song or search the web.

iPad Keyboard Help
The iPad has a lot of neat keyboard features such as auto-correct, shortcuts and alternative keyboard layouts such as the split layout and QWERTZ layout. Find out all about these settings in this basic guide for the keyboard settings.

How to Turn On the iPad's iTunes Match
It is easy to turn on iTunes Match on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. And once your music is the cloud, you can save storage space by streaming it directly from the Internet.

iPad iCloud: How to Backup and Restore
It is always important to make sure you are backing up your iPad at regular intervals. Luckily, backing the iPad up to iCloud makes this very easy. Since you don't need to plug your iPad into your PC, the iPad can back itself up automatically.

Using Multitasking Gestures on Your iPad
Turning on the new multitasking gestures in iOS 5 allows you to quickly and easily switch between apps on your iPad with a swipe of your hand, just as you might swipe your fingers across the screen to turn the pages in an eBook.

How To Delete Cookies And Web History in the iPad's Safari Browser
Did you know you can clear cookies and delete your web history from the Safari browser? You can even delete cookies for an individual website if you'd like to preserve the cookies on the sites you browser frequently.

Jailbreaking 101
Jailbreaking is the process of breaking the iPad, iPhone or iPod "out of jail" by removing limitations imposed by Apple. This article examines jailbreaking, including the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iPad.

How to Delay the Auto Sleep Mode on the iPad
Have you ever been annoyed by your iPad going into sleep mode while using it? Find out how you can delay the auto sleep mode in the settings.

How to Enable Cookies, Turn On Private Browsing and Other Safari Settings
You can easily enable or disable cookies or turn on private browsing on the iPad, but you can't tweak these settings while in the Safari browser. Luckily, it is easy to turn these features on and off in the iPad settings.

What Is AirDrop? How Does It Work?
AirDrop will make its debut on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with the iOS 7.0 release. But what is it? How does it work? Do you even want it? AirDrop may be one of the coolest features of the iOS 7 release.

How to Connect Your iPad to your TV
The iPad is a great device for laying in bed and watching a movie on Netflix or browsing videos on YouTube, but sometimes you want to see them on the big screen. So how to you go about connecting your iPad to your TV? Whether you have an old TV from the dark ages or the newest HDTV on the market, it's actually rather simple to get your iPad hooked up to your television.

How to Gift an iPad App
Struggling to find that perfect gift? You can easily gift an iPad app to that someone special through the app store on your iPad. And the process is about as simple as buying the app for yourself.

The Best iPad Trade-In Programs
Want to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPad but can't afford it? Trade-in programs give cash and/or store credit for your old iPad, but not all give the best value. Find out which trade-in programs give the best prices, and which one might be right for you.

Which iPad Should You Buy?
Apple now has four different iPads in their lineup, which makes buying an iPad for first-time owners more confusing than ever.

How to Prevent Someone From Exiting an iPad App Using Guided Access
The iPad's Guided Access feature is a great way to 'lock' the iPad within an app, which is useful when giving the iPad to a toddler or someone with special needs.

How to Find iPad Apps On Sale
Every day, dozens of apps go on sale or are made free for a day or two. But how to find which apps are on sale? Good news! There are a few ways you can easily find deals on apps.

A List of iPad Gestures
The iPad's gestures make up the human interface for controlling the iPad and can do everything from zooming into the screen, scrolling down a list and switching between apps.

iPad Accessibility Guide
The iPad's accessibility settings can be used to turn on closed captioning, change the default font size, zoom in the iPad and activate physical/motor accessibility features.

How to Print on an iPad
The iPad's AirPrint functionality makes printing from the iPad a snap. And even if you don't have an AirPrint-enabled printer, there are solutions to print from your iPad.

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