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The 20 Best Uses for the iPad (11-20)


  1. Family Entertainment . When you combine Apple's rigorous inspection of each app with the parental controls found in their iOS devices and the thousands of great games and apps on the iPad, you get the perfect family entertainment system. The iPad is great for family vacations when you need to entertain the kids in the backseat. Not only will they get access to movies, they can play games for far cheaper than most portable gaming machines. How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPad

  2. Business. The iPad is increasingly being used in the business, especially for those who must conduct their business while on the move, like nurses and doctors. Between the many different business-related apps in the app store and the ability to hit the web, it is not to hard to find great uses for the iPad in the workplace. The Best Free Productivity Apps.

  3. Computer Replacement. Between its ability to hit Facebook, read Email and browse the web, the iPad can replace the laptop for many people. Apps like Apple's Pages and Numbers and the ability to hook up a keyboard via Bluetooth makes it a great computer on the go. And now that you can set up an iPad without a PC and use iCloud to make a back up, the iPad can actually replace the home computer for some.

    Is the iPad a PC?

  4. Personal Assistant. The iPad 3 and iOS 6 adds a brand new use for the iPad: personal assistant. Siri can be a great little assistant, performing tasks from setting setting up meetings on your calender, finding nearby restaurants to eat at and even booking reservations for you. The best part? Reminders. Siri makes it incredibly easy to set a reminder, which is great if you too often find yourself forgetting to do something.
  5. Second Monitor. Here's a neat trick: using your iPad as a second (or even third) monitor for your laptop or desktop PC. Through apps like DisplayLink and AirDIsplay, you can use your iPad as if it were an extra monitor connected to your PC. These apps work by connecting with a software package you download to your PC and then sending your iPad the video signal over Wi-Fi, and while they might not be quite as good as a real monitor, they actually perform quite well.
  6. Wi-Fi Hotspot. The 4G version of the iPad 3 on Verizon has a really nice feature for those who like their Internet on the go: free tethering. This means you can use your iPad as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, and because it is 4G, you can get super fast speeds. The one caveat: tiered data plans can get expensive if you download too much data, and streaming HD video will use up the allocated data very quickly.
  7. Video Conferencing. Did you know that FaceTime works on the iPad? In fact, it's actually better on an iPad because you have a bigger display. FaceTime works on the iPad by using your email address as a phone number, allowing anyoen else with an iPhone or iPad to 'call' you.
  8. Video Camera. While the original iPad didn't have a camera, and the iPad 2's back-facing camera wasn't the highest quality, the camera on the iPad 3 is actually pretty good. And not only can you take video with it, there are a number of different apps that will let you edit video, including a version of iMovie for the iPad.
  9. Be a Musician. For musicians, there are a ton of helpful apps that range from a digital piano to a guitar effects processor. You can even turn your iPad into a DJ station. Not a musician but want to be one? You can even use the iPad to learn an instrument thanks to nifty gadgets like ION's Piano Studio.
  10. Control a Robot. The coolest use for an iPad? Controlling a robot. Double Robotics has created an iPad robot, which is essentially an iPad stand with wheels that you can control remotely. This essentially allows you to video conference on the move. But before you get too excited, the whole setup will run you $1999.

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