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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

iPad Keyboard Tips and Tricks


The iPad Keyboard

The great thing about the iPad on-screen keyboard is that it so much easier to type on than the iPhone keyboard. While a wireless physical keyboard might still be preferable for longer documents, it's quite simple to type up a rather lengthy email on the iPad. But for those who really want to get the most out of their iPad, here are a few keyboard shortcuts that can have you typing faster and allow you to get at some special keys quicker.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

  • At the end of a sentence you can tap the space bar twice in a row and the iPad will output a period, a space and turn the caps key on so that you are ready for the next sentence.
  • There's no need for an apostrophe in your contractions when you have an automatic spelling corrector. You can type "Im" for "I'm" and "cant" for "can't" and let the iPad do the extra work for you.
  • Here's a neat keyboard trick for putting something in quotation marks: just tap and hold the question mark/period key on the normal layout for double quotes, or if you want single quotes, tap and hold the exclamation/comma key.
  • Need special accents? You can get at special accent marks for specific language support by tapping and holding the corresponding letter key.
  • Did you know you can do begin quotes and end quotes? On the numbers layout, just tap and hold the quote key for beginning and ending quotes. Tap and hold the single quote key for the same options for single quotes. You can also get at an accent using this technique on the single quote key.
  • On the numbers layout, you can tap and hold the exclamation mark for an upside down exclamation mark and the question mark for an upside down question mark. But for those who love their pauses, the choice trick is holding down the period key on the numbers layout to get at an ellipsis.
  • Tired of flipping back and forth from letters to numbers? Rather than tapping the".?123" key to get at the numbers, hold your finger down on it and then slide your finger to the key you need. When you release your finger, the iPad will product your character and automatically flip back to the original keyboard layout.
  • You can also do the tap and hold trick on the shift key to quickly get a capital letter.
  • Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcut!. You don't have to rely just on these tips. Apple makes it easy for you to create your own shortcuts on the iPad's keyboard.

Did you know you can split the iPad keyboard in half?

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