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Tips to Save iPad Battery Life


How to Save iPad Battery Life

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The iPad's 10 hours of battery life is pretty amazing, but for those of us that use our iPad throughout the day, it's still pretty easy for it to run low.  And there's nothing worse than trying to stream video from Netflix to your HDTV or checking the latest updates on Facebook only to have that low battery message pop up and interrupt your show. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to save iPad battery life and keep that from happening as often.

Here's How:

  1. Adjust the brightness. The iPad has an auto-brightness feature which helps tune the iPad based on the light quality in the room, but this feature is not enough. Try going into the iPad settings and adjusting the brightness. The goal is to get it where it is still comfortable enough to read, but not quite as bright as the default setting.

  2. Turn off GPS. The 3G model of the iPad comes with GPS, but most of us don't use the location services on our iPad as much as we use them on our iPhone. Turning GPS is a quick and easy way to save a little battery power while not giving up any features. And remember, if you do need GPS, you can always turn it back on.

  3. Turn off Bluetooth. Many of us don't have any Bluetooth devices connected to the iPad, so all the Bluetooth service is doing for us is waste the iPad's battery life. If you don't have any Bluetooth devices, make sre Bluetooth is turned off in the general section of the iPad settings.

  4. Turn off Push Notification. While Push Notification is an excellent feature, it does drain a little bit of battery life as the device checks to see if it needs to push a message to the screen. If you are looking to do the most to optimize your battery life, you can turn Push Notification off completely. Alternatively, you can turn it off for individual apps, decreasing the number of push notifications you receive.

  5. Fetch Mail Less Often. By default, the iPad will check for new mail every 15 minutes. Pushing this back to 30 minutes or an hour can help your battery last longer. Simply go into settings, choose the Mail settings and tap the "Fetch New Data" option. This page will let you set how often your iPad fetches mail. There's even an option to only check for mail manually.

  6. Turn off 3G/4G. Most of the time, we use the iPad at home, which means using it via our Wi-Fi connection. Some of us use it at home almost exclusively. If you often find yourself low on battery power, a good tip is to turn off your 3G/4G data connection. This will keep it from draining any power when you aren't using it.

  7. Turn off Background App Refresh. Introduced in iOS 7, background app refresh keeps your apps updated by refreshing them while the iPad is idle or while you are in another app.  This can drain some extra battery life, so if you don't mind whether or not the iPad refreshes your Facebook newsfeed and has it waiting for you, go into Settings, choose General Settings and scroll down until you find "Background App Refresh".  You can choose to turn off the service as a whole or simply turn off individual apps you don't care as much about.

  8. Keep Up With iPad Updates. It is always important to keep iOS updated with the latest patches from Apple. Not only can this help optimize battery life on the iPad, it also makes sure you are getting the latest security fixes and patching any bugs that have popped up, which will help the iPad run smoother. How to update the iPad.

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