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A Guide to iPad Home Sharing


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How to Setup Home Sharing in iTunes
iTunes Home Sharing

The first step to sharing music between iTunes and the iPad is turning on iTunes Home Sharing. This is actually quite simple, and once you have gone through the steps to turning on Home Sharing, you'll wonder why you didn't always have it turned on.

  1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.
  2. Under the Advanced menu item, choose Turn On Home Sharing
  3. You'll be presented with a screen similar to the one pictured above. Simply type in your Apple ID and your password and you'll be ready to start sharing music and movies with your iPad, iPhone or any other iOS device.

Once you've turned on Home Sharing, any other computers with iTunes Home Sharing turned on will show up in the left-side menu in iTunes. They will appear right under your connected devices.

Remember: Only computers and devices connected to your home network will be eligible. If you have a computer not connected to the network, you will be unable to use it for Home Sharing.

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