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How to Close an iPad App


How to Shut Down an iPad App
The iPad Task Bar

Apple introduced multitasking to the iPad in the iOS 4.2 update, much to the delight of the users. But while multitasking allows us to listen to Pandora in the background while we play spider solitaire, it can sometimes cause problems. This is why it is important to know how to close an app that is running on your iPad. Sometimes, shutting down an errant app is the best way to cure problems with the iPad.

To close the iPad app, you must get to your task bar. Do this by pressing down the home button at the bottom of your iPad twice in a row. (The home button is the circular button you use to close iPad apps.) When you double click the home button, a task bar will appear showing your most recently used apps.

Your most recent apps are shown as small windows with their associated icon below it. You can close an app completely by dragging the apps' window to the top of the screen and releasing it. Note: You must drag the miniature window, not the icon.

How to close an app if you haven't updated to iOS 7:

The iOS 7 update changed the way the task bar works, including showing small windows of open apps. Previous to this update, the task bar took up only a small part of the bottom of the screen and only showed app icons.

To close an app using the old task bar, touch one of the app icons and hold your finger against it until the icons begin to shimmer. A red button with a minus sign will appear at the top of the icons. When you see this button, you can release your finger and then simply tap the button for any app you want to close.

Don't worry. This doesn't delete the app from the iPad. (You will only delete an app when you touch a black button with an X in the middle.) This will simply close the iPad app, purging it from memory and stopping any processes from running.

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