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How to Delete Email on the iPad


How to Delete Email on the iPad
How to Delete Email on the iPad

For those who like to keep their email inbox clean, it is important to know how to delete email on the iPad. Luckily, Apple made this task a bit more simple than on an iPhone, and there are actually two different methods you can use to delete email from your iPad.

Method 1: The iPhone Method

The iPad supports the same method for deleting individual email messages as the iPhone. To use this method, simply swipe your finger across email message list item in the inbox. (This is the area highlighted in the screenshot above this article.)

When you run your finger from left to right across the message header, a "delete" or "archive" button will appear. Simply touch the button to delete the email from your iPad.

Method 2: The iPad Method

The iPad also introduces a button that will delete the email message. Once you touch the email header in the inbox, it will highlight with a light blue background. You can then delete the selected message by touching the delete icon.

Unfortunately, this icon is not always the same. Yahoo Mail and some other forms of email use a trashcan to designate the delete function. However, other email services may use a different icon. For example, the Gmail service uses an icon that looks like an arrow pointing into a box to designate "archiving" the message.

No matter the icon used, it should be in the same spot as the trashcan icon highlighted in the screenshot above this article.

Method 3: How to Delete Multiple Email Messages

Want to delete more than a single email message? You can easily delete multiple email messages from the iPad by using the Mail's edit feature. The button on the top right side of the inbox is the edit button. Touching this button will put your inbox into edit mode.

Once your inbox is in edit mode, you can select multiple messages by touching each message you want to delete. You then have the option to either delete them by pressing the delete button at the bottom of the screen or moving them to a specific folder by touching the move button.

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