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How to Enable iPad Parental Controls


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How to Turn On Parental Controls for the iPad
Turn On iPad Parental Controls

The iPad's parental controls allow you to restrict how your child uses the iPad, from disabling the Safari browser to limit which websites your child can view to putting an age restriction on the apps downloaded. You can even turn off app downloads completely, which allows you to closely monitor what your child is doing on the iPad.

The iPad parental control work by setting a four digit passcode on the iPad that is required when setting the different restrictions. Once enabled, you can set restrictions for apps, television, music and movies.

How to Turn On Parental Controls for the iPad

The first step is going into the iPad settings by touching the settings icon. It looks like a bunch of gears and is one of the default icons for the iPad.

Once in settings, choose the general settings from the left-hand menu. You should reach a screen like the one shown above.

Next, choose Restrictions to go into the iPad settings for parental control.

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