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How to Sync an iPad With iTunes


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How to Sync an iPad With iTunes
Sync an iPad With iTunes

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It's a good idea to sync your iPad with iTunes on a regular basis. This provides a backup of your applications, movies, music and data that can be restored at a later point if you should have problems. Syncing with iTunes is also the process used for getting music, movies and even apps from your PC or Mac to your iPad.

  1. Before you sync your iPad with iTunes, you need to connect your iPad to your PC or Mac using the cable provided when you purchased your device.
  2. If iTunes doesn't open when you connect your iPad, launch it manually.
  3. iTunes should automatically sync your iPad based on the options you have set up or the default settings.
  4. If iTunes does not automatically begin the sync process, you can manually start it by selecting your iPad from the devices section of the menu on the left side of iTunes.
  5. With your iPad selected, choose File from the top menu and Sync iPad from the choices.
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