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How to Sync an iPad With iTunes


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How to Sync Apps to iTunes
Sync Apps With iTunes

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Did you know you can sync individual apps to iTunes? You can even purchase and download apps to iTunes and sync them to your iPad. And you don't even need to sync every single app on your system. You can choose which apps to sync, and even choose to automatically sync new apps.

  1. You will need to connect your iPad to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes, as explained on the previous page.
  2. Inside of iTunes, choose your iPad from the Devices list in the left-side menu.
  3. At the top of the screen is a list of options ranging from Summary to Apps to Ringtones to Photos. Choose Apps from this list. (It's highlighted in the photo above.)
  4. To sync apps to iTunes, check the box next to Sync Apps.
  5. In the list below the Sync Apps check box, put a check mark next to any individual apps you want to sync.
  6. Want to automatically sync new apps? Below the list of apps is the option to sync new apps.
  7. You can also sync documents within apps by scrolling down the page, choosing the app and choosing which documents to sync. This is a great way to back up the work done on your iPad.

Did you know you can also arrange the apps on your iPad from this screen? It works similar to organizing apps on your iPad. Simply drag and drop apps from the pictured screen. You can choose a new screen below and even drop apps onto one of these screens.

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