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How to Use AirPlay on the iPad


How to Turn On AirPlay
How to Use AirPlay on the iPad

If you have an AirPlay-compatible device like AirPlay speakers or Apple TV, it is very easy to use AirPlay on the iPad. But first, you need to know how to turn AirPlay on. This is simple for the built-in music and video apps, but can be more difficult to find for third-party apps like Pandora or Netflix.

Using AirPlay in the Music and Video Apps

The music and videos apps that come with the iPad contain buttons for turning on AirPlay. For the Music app, the button is located in the upper-right hand corner of the main screen. For Videos, the button is on the control bar that pops up when you touch the screen. It is just to the right of the skip-left, pause/play and skip-right buttons.

How to Use AirPlay in Third-Party Apps

If you want to use AirPlay with Pandora or Netflix, or you simply want to turn on AirPlay Display Mirroring to connect your iPad to your TV via Apple TV, you will need to access the special controls on the iPad's multitasking bar.

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First, double click the iPad's home button. This is the circular button at the bottom of the iPad when held in portrait view. Double clicking this button will bring up the multitasking bar.

By default, the multitasking bar displays the most recent apps you have run on the iPad. To access the special controls, you will need to swipe the bar from left to right. This will drag the bar to the right, revealing a new section of the multitasking bar.

The AirPlay button is just to the right of the skip-left, pause/play and skip-right buttons. When you touch the AirPlay button, you have a choice between the iPad and your AirPlay-compatible device. Simply choose your AirPlay device. If using Apple TV, you will have the added option to turn Display Mirroring on or off.

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