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How to Use Siri on the iPad


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What Questions Can Siri Answer?
Siri Question

Siri can answer a variety of questions from what movies are playing nearby to what time it is halfway across the world.

Siri is a voice recognition artificial intelligence decision engine that has been programmed with various databases that will enable her to answer many of your questions. And if you got lost in that explanation, you are not alone.

Forget the technical stuff. Siri can perform a lot of basic tasks and answer various questions. Here is a range of things she can do for you:

Basic Siri questions and tasks:

  • Call [name]. Example: "Call Tom."
  • Send text to [name] [text]. Example: "Send text to Tom: What did you say the name of that band was?"
  • Launch [app]. Example: "Launch Evernote."
  • Search the web for [whatever]. Example: "Search the web for best iPad strategy games."
  • Listen to [band name, song name]. Example: "List to The Beatles."
  • Get me directions to [shop/restaurant name/address]. Example: "Get me directions to Six Flags over Texas" or "Where is Gilmer, Texas?"
  • Will it rain [date]?. Example: "Will it rain tomorrow?" or "What is the weather like?"

Siri as a personal assistant:

  • Remind me to [do something] at [date/time]. Example: "Remind me to walk the dog tomorrow at 10 AM."
  • Schedule a meeting for [meeting] at [date/time]. Example: "Schedule a meeting for work at 3 PM on Thursday."
  • Change my meeting from [date/time] to [date/time]. Example: "Change my meeting from 3 PM on Thursday to 4 PM on Friday."
  • Tweet [what you want to say]. Example: "Tweet: I am having a cup of coffee."
  • Update my Facebook status to [what you want to say]. Example: "Update my Facebook status to: Just watched Doctor Who and loved it."

Siri will help feed and entertain you:

  • Show me nearby [type of food] restaurants. Example: "Show me nearby Mexican food restaurants."
  • Find me [type of food] in [city]. Example: "Find me pizza in Dallas."
  • Book a table at [date/time] for [restaurant]. Example: "Book a table at 6 PM for Via Real."
  • What movies are playing? This will list out movies playing at nearby theaters. You can also add "in [city]" to check movies that aren't near your current location.
  • Show me a trailer for [movie]. Example: "Show me a trailer for The Avengers."
  • What movies has [actor] starred in? Example: "What movies has Tom Hanks starred in?"
  • What movies has [director] directed? Example: "What movies has Penny Marshall directed?"
  • What is the cast of [tv series]? Example: "What is the cast of How I Met Your Mother?"
  • Who wrote [book, movie, tv series]? Example: "Who wrote Harry Potter?"

Siri knows sports:

  • Who are the [sports team] playing tonight? Example: "Who are the Rangers playing tonight?"
  • What is the score of the [sports team] game? Example: "What is the score of the Giants game?"
  • How are the [sports team] doing? Example: "How are the Yankees doing?"
  • Who is leading the league in [stat]? Example: "Who is leading the league in rushing yards?"
  • How many [stat] does [player] have? Example: "How many rushing yards does Maurice Jones Drew have?"

Siri is gushing with information:

Siri is pretty intelligent, so feel free to experiment with different questions. Siri is connected to a number of different websites and databases, which means you can ask her a variety of questions. Here are some examples of Siri performing calculations and finding information for you:

  • What is 18 "percent" of 32 "dollars" 57 "cents"? Siri is great for figuring out how much you should tip or performing simple math. She can even plot out equations.
  • What is the price of AAPL? If you love to keep an eye on your favorite stock, Siri has your info for you.
  • Where is area code 212? A good way to check where that unknown call originated.
  • How much is 20 British pounds in dollars? Siri can do a lot of different monetary conversions, making her pretty good for vacations.
  • How old is Mitt Romney? Your query will need to be about someone famous enough for her to recognize, but you can ask a variety of questions about well-known people.
  • What time is it in London? Not only can Siri give you the time in locations across the world, she'll also be able to give you facts like when the sun will rise in that location.
  • What is the definition of mouse? She may not be able to define Keynesian economics, but she can get most terms right.
  • When is mother's day in 2013? This one can be really handy for everyone that wants to keep on their mom's good side.

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