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How to Use the Task Bar on the iPad


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How to Open the Task Bar on the iPad
The iPad Task Bar

The iOS 4.2 update introduced multitasking on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It also introduced the task bar, which is a great way to switch between recent apps or quickly get to music controls when listing to music in the background.

What is the Task Bar?

The task bar displays the most recently opened apps on the iPad. You can use the bar to switch between apps, close apps (which can fix a slow-running iPad) and access the task bar controls, which let you control music, volume, display brightness and AirPlay.

How to Use AirPlay on the iPad

How to Open the Task Bar

If you have enabled multitasking gestures, you can open the task bar by simply swiping up on the display with five fingers. You can also do this with four fingers, but it can be a little fickle at times, so using five fingers is usually best. If you don't have multitasking gestures enabled, you can open the task bar by double clicking the iPad's home button.

How to Turn On Multitasking Gestures

This will reveal a bar with the most recently running applications. You can swipe from right-to-left to reveal more apps, or from left-to-right to reveal the task bar controls. You can open any app by touching it, and if you hold your finger against an app, you can close it by touching the red minus sign that pops up in the upper-left corner of the app's icon.

Did you know you can control music playback and AirPlay from the task bar? Learn all about the iPad's Task Bar Control Center

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