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How to Use the Task Screen on the iPad


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How to Open the Multitasking Screen on the iPad

Looking for an easy way to switch between tasks on your iPad? iOS 7 replaced the task bar with a fully functional multitasking screen, making it easier than ever to move from one app to another or to close apps. These new multitasking controls no longer show a list of app icons scrolling across the bottom of the iPad screen. Instead, each app is displayed in a window, so you can see the contents of an app, which makes it easier to recognize the app.

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How to Open the Task Screen:

You can access the new multitasking screen the same way the old task bar was opened. Simply double click the home button at the bottom of your iPad. When you activate the task screen, the display will zoom out, showing your current app in a window on the left side of the screen and the last app you used in the center of the screen. The app icons are still displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you can move between apps by swiping either the app windows or the icons.

Tip: If you have multitasking gestures turned on, you can open the task screen by swiping upwards on your iPad's screen with at least four fingers.

How to Close an App:

If you think your iPad is acting a little slow, it can be a good idea to close out of your most recently used apps. Apple's iOS operating system will keep the most recently used apps in memory just in case you want to switch back to them. Closing out of them will free up this memory, leaving more for your current app.

You can close an app by swiping up on it. Simply tap your finger in the middle of the app's window and -- without lifting your finger from the screen -- move your finger towards the top of the display. Think of it as throwing the app off the screen.

Coming Soon:

The release of iOS 8 later this year will add your most frequently used contacts to the Task Screen, making it a great shortcut for placing phone calls and sending text messages.

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