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How to Use the Task Bar on the iPad


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How to Use the iPad's Task Bar Controls
The iPad Task Bar Controls

You can think of the iPad's task bar as the control center for the iPad. The task bar defaults to the most recently running apps on the iPad, but if you swipe the bar from left to right, you will reveal controls music, display brightness and AirPlay.

The iPad Task Bar Controls:

Mute/Rotation Lock. The far-left button will either let you mute and unmute the iPad or lock the rotation, depending on your iPad settings. This will be opposite how you have the iPad's side switch configured. You can set this up in the iPad general settings.

Brightness. The iPad's display brightness can be set either in the general settings or in this control center. If you find yourself tweaking the brightness on a regular basis, this is the easiest way to get to the setting. Adjusting the brightness can also be a great way to save battery power. More tips to save battery power.

Music/Movies Controls. These controls also offer quick access to skipping a song or pausing your music, which relieves you from searching for the music app. You can also skip scenes in a movie using this control, though it is far easier to do this with the controls within the videos app.

AirPlay. If you have an AirPlay-enabled device, you can turn on sending your music or video to the device through the AirPlay button. If you don't have one of these devices, you will not see this button. How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV.

Volume. As the name suggests, this allows you to adjust the volume of your iPad. This replicates the volume control buttons on the side of your iPad.

Current Music App. You don't have to use the default music player for these controls to work. If you are listening to music from Pandora Radio or a similar app, you can control the volume through these controls or quickly bring up the app by touching the icon.

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