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Using Multitasking Gestures on Your iPad


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How to Turn On Multitasking Gestures
Multitasking Gestures

Image © Apple

The new multitasking gestures are one of the coolest features of the iOS 5 update for the iPad. With the gestures, you can quickly switch between apps, making the limited form of multitasking offered by iOS as fluid as the real thing. You can also get to the home screen and display the task bar without touching the home button.

You can turn on multitasking gestures by going into your iPad settings. This is the icon with the gears on it. Once in settings, scroll down the left-side menu and choose General. The main page will be filled with different options, and you will probably need to scroll down before you spot the multitasking gestures option. I've highlighted the option in the photo above this article.

Read up on how to use the multitasking gestures.

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