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What Is AirDrop? How Does It Work?


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How to Use AirDrop on the iPad
iOS AirDrop

AirDrop can be used to share just about anything that can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or Email, including photos, videos, web pages and even links to apps in the App Store. And because it is build right into the Share menu, it is very easy to use.

Remember: You will need to be near the person you are sharing with and they will need to have their device turned on for it to register, however, you need not be right next to them. AirDrop can even reach into the next room.

You will also need to navigate to whatever you want to share. So if you want to share a web page, you'll need to be on that web page. If you want to share a photo, you'll need to be viewing that photo in the Photos app. AirDrop is not a file manager like what you might see on a PC. It's designed to actively share what you are doing at that time.

First,tap the share button. This is the box with the arrow sticking straight up. This share button accesses the Share menu, which allows you to share via AirDrop, Facebook, iMessage, etc. Having trouble finding the Share button? View a picture of it.

Next, locate the device you want to receive your AirDrop. This is the top portion of the Share menu. Devices will show up as a circle with an identifying label under it. This will be the contact's photo with their name under it, but if you don't have a photo attached to this contact, it will show up as a gray circle with their initials in it.

Last, tap the circle. Tapping will initiate sending the document to the recipient, who will then be prompted whether or not to accept the AirDrop.

That's it. You can drop anything from photos to web pages. You can even share a contact by tapping the Share Contact button at the end of the contact's information in the contacts app.

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