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iPad Training 101: A New User's Guide to the iPad


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Learning the iPad Basics
iPad Basics

You've bought your iPad and gone through the steps to set it up so that it is ready to use. Now what?

For new iPad users who have never owned an iPhone or iPod Touch, simple things like finding good apps, installing them, organizing them or even deleting them might seem like an insurmountable task. Luckily, there is iPad 101. The lessons in iPad 101 is targeted at the new user who needs help doing the basics, like navigating the iPad, finding apps, downloading them, organizing them or simply getting into the iPad settings.

Ready to get started with the training?

First: Let's learn about basic iPad navigation.

Note: Apple made significant changes to the iPad with the iOS 7 update. If you have not updated to the latest operating system, you can get help on how to do so by clicking here.

Want to learn more? You can also sign up for a 4-day email training course that will cover the iPad basics from how to download your first app to how to personalize your iPad.

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