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iPad Training 101: A New User's Guide to the iPad


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How to Move iPad Apps
How to Move an iPad App

Once you have downloaded an app from the App Store, the iPad may put it on a second screen. You can switch between screens by swiping your finger across the iPad, but you may want to move the app to the first screen so you can get at it quicker.

You can move an iPad app by placing your finger on the app's icon and holding it down until all of the icons on the screen start jiggling. (Some icons will also show a black circle with an x in the middle.)

We'll call this the "move state". While your iPad is in the move state, you can move icons by holding your finger down on top of them and simply moving your finger. The icon will move with your finger so long as you keep your finger on the screen.

To move the iPad app to another screen, hold your finger down on the icon to initiate the move, and then slide your finger to the edge of the screen. You will want to stop at the spot on the screen where the display gives way to the black edge of the iPad. (If you move your finger onto that black edge, the iPad will not recognize where your finger is placed.)

If you move the app's icon to the left side of the display, the iPad will shift to the screen to the left. If you move the icon to the right side of the display, it will shift to the screen to the right.

To place the app's icon, simply lift up your finger.

When you are finished moving iPad apps, you can leave the "move state" by clicking the home button. Remember, this button is one of the few physical buttons on the iPad and is used to let you exit from what you are doing on the iPad.

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