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iPad iCloud: How to Backup and Restore


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How to Backup an iPad to iCloud
Setting up iCloud Backup

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If you chose to have your iPad backed up to the iCloud when setting the iPad up for the first time, you should already have daily backups stored on the iCloud. However, if you chose to skip that step, it is rather easy to set up the iPad to automatically back itself up to iCloud. (And if you are unsure, just follow these steps and you will confirm you have it set up correctly.)

First, you will want to go into the iPad settings. The settings for backing up your iPad are located under "iCloud" in the left-side menu. New to the iPad? Here is some help on how to get into the iPad's settings.

The iCloud settings will let you choose what you want to back up, including contacts, calender events, bookmarks in the Safari browser and text saved within the notes application. By default, most of these will be on. The most important thing to make sure you are backing up are the Documents and Data.

Once you have these settings the way you want them, choose Storage and Backup to set up the automatic backup. On this screen, you can choose whether or not to automatically back up the iPad under the Backup setting just below Storage. Simply make sure the tab is set to 'On' and your iPad will be backed up on a regular basis.

Last, you will want to perform your first backup. At the bottom of the Storage and Backup settings is a button labeled 'Back Up Now'. Tapping this button will perform an immediate backup, making sure you have at least one data point you can restore from later.

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