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The iPad Guide: How to Get the Most Out of the iPad


When the iPad was released, Steve Jobs called it "magical". And in many ways, he was right. The iPad is a great device capable of doing everything from streaming movies to entertaining you with great games to becoming your digital library to simply letting you surf the web on your couch. Unfortunately, one of it's magical qualities isn't to instantly allow you to know all of the great ways to use the device.

This iPad guide will teach you everything from how to go about picking out the right iPad to the basics of how to go about using it to how to get the most out of it. Did you know you can hook the iPad up to your HDTV and watch streaming movies on the big screen? Or that hitting the space bar twice produces a period and a space, making it an easy way to end a sentence? Read on to find out more about the iPad.

  1. How to Buy an iPad
  2. Getting Started With the iPad
  3. Getting the Most Out of the iPad
  4. A Parent's Guide to the iPad
  1. The Best iPad Apps
  2. Overcoming Common Problems With the iPad
  3. iPad Video Guides
  4. iPad Manuals

How to Buy an iPad

Perhaps the most important thing this iPad guide can teach you is how to go about buying an iPad. There are many different questions you have to ask yourself when buying the iPad, from how much storage space you might need to whether or not to get a 3G model. And if you aren't exactly sure of the answers to these questions, these handy articles can help you decide.

Getting Started With the iPad

If you are a new owner unfamiliar with Apple's iOS devices, it's okay to feel a little lost. While the iPad is a very easy device to use, there are a few tricks that will help you get started enjoying it rather than wasting too much time figuring out how to use it. And don't worry, in no time you'll be using it like a pro.

Getting the Most Out of the iPad

Now that you are navigating the interface like a pro, it's time to find out how to squeeze the most out of the iPad. There are a number of great features that aren't readily apparent, such as being able to connect the iPad to your television set or using multitasking gestures to quickly switch between two apps.

A Parent's Guide to the iPad

The iPad can be both a great entertainment tool for little ones and a great learning tool for kids of all ages. But it can be difficult for parents to navigate the various issues presented with handing a child an iPad. This guide will help you secure your iPad so your child won't run up high iTunes bills and point you in the right direction for family-friendly apps.

The Best iPad Apps

What would an iPad guide be without a listing of the best apps available? These lists contain everything from those must-have apps that should be installed on almost every iPad to the best apps to get your morning news to a guide with the best in iPad gaming. There's a little something for everyone, and many of the apps detailed in these lists are free to download from Apple's app store.

Overcoming Common Problems With the iPad

Unfortunately, it won't be all fun and games. The iPad is a pretty stable device, but over time, most of us will come across a problem or two with it. Luckily, most problems can easily be solved by using some simple troubleshooting steps like reboot the iPad to give it a clean start.

iPad Video Guides

For some tasks, it's easier to watch someone do something than to read about how to do something. We've put together these video guides in order to give you some visuals to go along with all of the information we have to share. So if you want to learn more about iCloud, how to put apps into folders or how to set up your email, check out these guides.

iPad Manuals

Sometimes, the best guide is the official manual. And if you want detailed information about your iPad at the tip of your fingers, you can save the manual to iBooks by tapping the "Open in iBooks" button at the top of your screen once you have the manual open.

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