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How to Turn On Find My iPad


How to Turn On Find My iPad
Find My iPad

The iPad's 'Find My iPad' tool can help you find a lost iPad, whether it is simply hidden under some covers in your bedroom or you left it at a friend's house. This tool has also made national news by helping people track down stolen iPads. 'Find My iPad' is actually pretty easy to turn on and use.

  1. First, you'll need to go into the iPad settings. Find out how...
  2. Next, choose "Privacy" from the list of settings on the left-side menu.
  3. The first option under Privacy is Location Services. Tap this button to get into the proper settings screen.
  4. The first step in this screen is to verify that Location Services are turned on. If they are off, turn them on by moving the On/Off switch to the right.
  5. Find My iPad is located at the bottom of this list. Tapping the button will take you to a screen where you can turn the feature on or off.

You can also turn Find My iPad on or off through the iCloud settings, however, if your Location Services have been turned off, Find My iPad will not work.

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