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How to Fix: My iPad Won't Connect to WiFi


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Reset the Network Settings on Your iPad
iPad Reset Network Settings

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If we are still having problems, it is time to reset the network settings. This may sound drastic, but for most people, it is about the same as simply forgetting the individual network. This step will fully flush all settings the iPad has stored, and it can solve problems even when forgetting the individual network doesn't do the trick.

To reset the network settings on your iPad, go to settings by tapping the icon and choose "General" from the list on the left. The option for resetting the iPad is at the bottom of the general settings list. Tap it to go to the reset settings screen.

From this screen, we want to choose "Reset Network Settings". This will cause the iPad to clear out everything it knows, so you'll want to have your network's password handy if you are on a private network.

Once you verify that you want to reset the network settings, your iPad will be at the factory default where it concerns the Internet. If it doesn't prompt you to join a nearby WiFi network, you can go to the WiFi settings and choose your network from the list.

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