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How to Turn On Automatic App Updates on the iPad


How to Turn On Automatic App Updates on the iPad
How to Turn On Automatic App Updates on the iPad

One of my favorite features of the iOS 7 upgrade was the ability for the iPad to automatically update apps when a new version hits the App Store. I've always been bad about doing this on a regular basis, and too often, I've found these pending updates to reach the 30-50 range. The new feature gets rid of this problem by simply downloading and installing the new version of the app automatically.

But how do you turn it on?

You should have the ability to turn this on while setting up the iPad, but if for some reason you didn't elect to turn it on, you can easily flip the switch by following some simple directions.

  1. Go into your iPad's settings. Find out how...
  2. Choose "iTunes & App Store" from the left-side menu. You will need to scroll down this menu to find this option. Simply tap on it to bring up the App Store settings.
  3. Automatically updating apps is the last setting under "Automatic Downloads". Simply tap the button to turn it on or off.

You can also turn on automatic downloads for music, apps and books. This setting will automatically download these items to this device when you purchase them on any other device, including your PC. If you like to keep everything synced between all of your devices, these settings will make it much easier.

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