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How to Use iTunes Radio on the iPad


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How to Use iTunes Radio on the iPad
How to Use iTunes Radio on the iPad

iTunes Radio is Apple's answer to Pandora and other streaming music services. Introduced in the iOS 7 update, iTunes Radio can be accessed on the iPad through the Music app. iTunes Radio provides the benefit of listening to various pre-made radio stations or creating your own custom station based on an artist or song. The service is supported by advertisements, though a premium version can be purchased. The premium service is free for those who subscribe to iTunes Match.

You can listen to iTunes Radio by launching the Music app and choosing the Radio tab, which is highlighted in the photo. The Featured Stations provide numerous pre-made stations which can be browsed by swiping left or right with your finger. Below the Featured Stations are custom stations, which can be created by tapping the New Station button.

On the New Station screen, you can type in an artist, song or genre of music. As you type, the screen will fill with various stations. You must choose from the list to create your custom radio station.

Like what you are hearing? You can buy a song and add it to your iTunes library by pressing the red price tag at the upper-right corner of the screen while listening to music.

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