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How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on the iPad


How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on the iPad

Did you know you can turn off Background App Refresh? Introduced with iOS 7, Background App Refresh is a feature that attempts to ready apps before you even use them by gauging how and when you use the app and refreshing it just before it thinks you are about to use it. Sound complicated? Basically, it means that it tries to download all of the updates on your Facebook newsfeed just before it thinks you are going to launch Facebook.

This can work great if you use certain apps on a regular basis at a regular time, such as checking Facebook or Twitter when you wake up in the morning. However, it won't work as well if you use apps more randomly, and in fact, it can drain some of the battery life of your iPad.

A New User's Guide to the iPad

Here's how you can tune or turn off Background App Refresh:

  1. Go into your iPad's settings by launching the Settings app. Find out more...
  2. Scroll down the left-side menu and choose "General".
  3. In the General settings, the Background App Refresh settings are located below Usage, which is towards the bottom of the page when you first open the General settings. Tap the Background App Refresh button to go into the detailed settings.
  4. If you want to turn off the feature completely, tap the button next to Background App Refresh at the top of the screen.
  5. If you want some of your apps to refresh, leave the button at the top of the screen on, and instead, tap the buttons next to any apps you don't care about refreshing. This allows you to let Facebook refresh while turning off unwanted apps.

Tips to Save Battery Life

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