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The Best of the iPad: Apps, Games, Accessories, Features and More

The Best of the iPad represents the best in apps, games, features, accessories and everything iPad, including the best ways to use it and the best tricks to do with it. Think of it as a top ten list of top tens lists with sometimes twelve items and sometimes just six. These articles, guides, reviews and roundups are designed to help you get the best experience with the iPad.

The Top iPad Apps
Are you looking for the best iPad apps from movies to music to games to productivity? You've come to the right place. The iPad has an amazing array of apps, and we'll point out the top apps in different categories to help you get started.

A Guide to the Best iPad Games
With intuitive touch screen controls and motion-based game play, the iPad is the world's coolest mobile gaming device. And many of the games can be purchases for a dollar or less, with even the most expensive games rarely breaking the ten dollar mark.

12 Best Uses for the iPad
Between its ability to stream movies to its ability to play great games to the thousands of apps available in the Apple App Store, you may be surprised about how many great uses there are for the iPad.

The Top 6 Features of iOS 6.0
Apple's iOS 6.0 update includes over 200 new and updated features, with some that you will notice right away and some that you might not ever know existed. So which new features will pop right out at you when you complete the upgrade?

The Best iPad Games of 2011
The best iPad games of 2011 include a sequel to one of the top RPGs on the platform, a game where you take on take on the role of a boy robot, a game where you help out an alligator and a couple of classic games ported to iOS.

The Best Educational Apps for the iPad
The iPad has become a great educational tool, with great apps for the classroom, excellent learning apps for toddlers and apps that provide a sound curriculum for home schooling.

The Best iPad Apps for Students
The iPad has become a key element in aiding students, with many great apps aimed at keeping students organized, helping them take notes and providing study aids.

The Best iPad Endless Runner Games
The endless runner has been one of the hottest types of games since Temple Run caught everyone's fancy, and luckily, there are tons of great runner games on the iPad. The best part is the endless variety between the games, with some mixing in side-scrolling action and others introducing sword slashing fun.

The Best Free Books on the iPad
You don't have to spend a lot of money to feed your reading habit. These 20 novels are both entertaining and absolutely free on Apple's iBooks store.

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