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iPad Mini FAQ

The iPad Mini is a 7-inch tablet running the iOS operating system, which is the same operating system that runs the iPhone, (full-sized) iPad and iPod Touch. It has access to the app store and runs most of the same applications as the iPad, with the exceptions being those that require features specific to the bigger iPad such as the higher resolution display. The following are the most frequently asked questions about the iPad Mini.

The iPad 4 vs the iPad Mini
In this comparison between the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, we look at the advantages of both devices in order to help you come to a decision on which tablet might be best for you.

How Much Does an iPad Mini Cost?
The iPad Mini is designed to create a more affordable entry level for the iPad and compete with 7-inch tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus.

What is the iPad Mini?
The iPad Mini could be Apple's answer to the Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android-based 7-inch tablet computers. But how will it stack up to those other tablets?

Should You Upgrade to an iPad Mini?
The iPad Mini has finally arrived, but is it worth the upgrade? Owners of the original iPad may find it to be a good bargain, but for iPad 2 owners, it's not as easy of a decision. The iPad Mini could also be a good upgrade option for those coming from the Android camp.

Should You Buy an iPad Mini?
The iPad Mini can be a great way to get an iPad while saving some money, but it is not great at everything. Found out if the iPad Mini is a right fit for how you want to use it.

How Big is the iPad Mini? How Much Does It Weigh?
The iPad Mini is sized to fit in one hand and weighs so little (about the weight of a pad of paper) that you can easily hold it without tiring out.

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