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Get Help With iPad Video Tutorials

Do you need a little bit of help with your iPad? Sometimes it is easier to see something than have it explained to you, which is why we have these iPad video tutorials. If you want more information on how to download apps from the Apple app store or want to see a guide on organizing your apps into categories, you've come to the right place.

How to Use Spotlight Search on an iPad
Spotlight Search allows you to search through your iPad for apps, contacts, music, movies and even gives quick access to searching the web.

How to Set Up FaceTime on an iPad
FaceTime is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Apple's video conferencing app is easy to use, and this video will help you get started linking FaceTime to your Apple ID and placing calls to your contacts.

How to Keep the Battery Strong on an iPad
Did you know you can help your iPad's battery last longer by adjusting the brightness down on your iPad's display? This is just one tip this video tutorial will give you on how to get the most out of your iPad's battery.

How to Attach a Keyboard to an iPad
Do you feel clumsy typing on the iPad's on-screen keyboard? No worries! You can attach a keyboard like Apple's wireless keyboard to your iPad using Bluetooth. This video will show you how to go through the process of syncing a wireless keyboard to the iPad.

How to Set Up iCloud on an iPad
Apple's iCloud service is a great way to keep your iPad backed up without constantly plugging it into your PC to sync with iTunes. This tutorial will take you through the steps of getting iCloud set up and how to configure what data should be backed up to iCloud.

How to Keep an iPad From Rotating
Have you ever been frustrated with your iPad's screen rotating when you are trying to browse the web, read a book or watch a movie? You can actually lock the iPad to keep it from rotating quite easily. This video guide will help you set up your iPad for quickly locking the orientation.

Video: How to Set Up Email on an iPad
Did you know you can set up the iPad to view your email from your Yahoo account, Google mail account or Hotmail account? You can even sign in to generic email accounts and Microsoft Exchange account. This great video will show you how to set up your Email.

Video: How to Connect an iPad to Wireless
The first difficult task most people will face setting up their new iPad is connecting to their wireless network. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of locating your wireless network and typing in your wireless password.

Video: How to Download iPad Apps
Are you ready to learn how to navigate through the app store? It can be quite intimidating downloading your first iPad apps, but once you get the hang of moving through the app store, it can be quite addicting to find new and fun apps for your iPad.

How to Put Apps Into Categories - Video Tutorial
As you use the iPad, you will slowly gather page after page of app icons. And it can get to the point where you spend as much time looking for where you stored an app as you do playing with the different apps. Luckily, you can organize your apps into categories, which will keep you from having a half dozen pages filled with apps. This video will show you how to put your apps into category folders to organize your iPad.

Video: How to Use Bluetooth Headphones With the iPad
Bluetooth headphones will let you listen to music or listen to a streaming movie without the bother of wires connecting the headphones to your iPad. But if you've never used a Bluetooth device, it can be a little confusing getting everything set up correctly. This tutorial will help you get connected.

Video:What is iCloud?
The iCloud is a great way to synchronize your information between your iDevices, such as keeping your contacts the same on your iPad and your iPhone. Find out more about what iCloud can do in this video tutorial.

How to Use iBooks
The iPad can turn into a great eReader with iBooks. This video will show you how to set bookmarks, change the font and even go shopping for new books.

How to Use the iPad as a Painting Canvas
Did you know you can use the iPad as a painting canvas? There are a number of great apps that you can use to create your masterpiece with your fingers or with a stylus.

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