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How to Turn On Private Browsing, Disable Cookies and Other Safari Settings


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How to Enable or Disable Cookies in the iPad's Safari Browser

The iPad's Safari browser allows you to enable or disable cookies.  Most people will want to keep cookies enables.  Websites use cookies to keep track of who you and various settings.  Some websites will not work properly without cookies.  However, if you are worried about websites keeping a piece of information on your iPad, you can easily disable cookies.   Apple keeps all of custom options for most of the default apps (Safari, Notes, Photos, Music, etc.) in the iPad settings, which is where you need to go to enable or disable cookies.

First, go to the iPad settings by tapping the settings icon.  (Get help getting into the iPad's settings.)

Next, scroll down the left-side window until you locate Safari. When you tap Safari, the safari's settings will show up in the main window.

To enable/disable cookies, simply locate the Privacy block and change the Block Cookies option. Your choices are "Never", "Always" and "From third parties and advertisers". The "From third parties" choice is the best for enabling cookies while keeping a moderate level of security by ensuring you have actually visited the website associated with the cookie. If you want the most secure experience, choosing "Never" will turn off cookies completely. Remember: Many websites are designed to work with cookies and may not work correctly with cookies turned off.

To keep websites from tracking you, flip the switch next to "Do Not Track".   Rather than turn off all cookies, this setting simply turns off the ability for websites to track you across the web.

To turn on fraudulent website warning, simply flip the switch next to the label. The switch for warnings against fraudulent websites is turned off by default.  While these warnings aren't perfect -- you could get a warning for a perfectly safe website -- this system does provide an extra layer of security and helps you make more informed decisions on the web.

To Clear Cookies and Data, locate the buttons at the bottom of the Safari settings.  Clearing cookies will erase data such as the username and password you used to sign into websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as any other personal or non-personal information a website has stored about you. 

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