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How to Setup Twitter and Facebook on the iPad


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How to Connect Your iPad to Facebook
The iPad's Facebook Settings

Connecting your iPad to Facebook will make it easier to share photos and websites with your friends.

The iOS 6.0 update brought with it the ability to connect your iPad to your Facebook account. This has many great benefits, chief among them making it much easier to share photos and videos on your Facebook wall. You can also connect with friends in the Game Center, "like" iPad apps and (if you have the newest iPad) update your Facebook status with Siri.

The Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad

But first, you'll need to setup Facebook on your iPad. Here are the quick-and-easy steps to integrating Facebook:

  1. Go into your iPad's settings. The icon for settings looks like gears turning.
  2. Scroll down the left-side menu until you locate "Facebook" and tap on it.
  3. In the Facebook settings, you will be able to input your username and password. Tap "Sign In" when you are done.
  4. You will be prompted with a message telling you how this will change your iPad experience, such as contact information using Facebook to keep up-to-date with status changes, Facebook events appearing in your iPad calender, etc. Tap Sign In at the top right corner of this screen to continue.
  5. Should you Update All Contacts? This new option appears after you sign in to Facebook. If you tap the button, it will search Facebook for people in your Contacts list and update information about them, including putting their profile pictures in your contacts list. This is a pretty nice feature for most and can make it easier to use FaceTime on your iPad.

Note: You don't need to have the Facebook app installed to get the benefits of integrating Facebook and your iPad. You can even use a third-party Facebook client instead of the official app.

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