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How to Turn Off Auto-Correct on the iPad


Turning iPad Auto-Correct On/Off
auto-correct setting

It's easy to turn off Auto-Correction once you know where the setting is located.

Auto-Correct can be a great feature, allowing many different keyboard shortcuts such as allowing the iPad to fill in the apostrophe in a contraction like "can't" or "won't". It can also be one of the most annoying features on the iPad when it mangles what you were trying to write and you don't catch it in time. (Or worse, you do catch it and the iPad proceeds to mangle it again the second time.) Luckily, it is quite easy to turn off Auto-Correct on the iPad, thus keeping your sanity in check.

  1. The first step is to go into your iPad's settings via the icon that looks like gears turning. (Help on getting into the iPad's settings.)
  2. Next, choose "General" from the left-side menu. This will fill up the section of the screen to the right with the various options found under general settings.
  3. Open the keyboard settings by scrolling down until you see the "Keyboard" option and tapping on it.
  4. The Auto-Correction setting is second from the top. (I've highlighted it in the image above these instructions.) Simply slide the button from On to Off.

You can still keep the other helpful settings like Auto-Capitalization, and if you leave Check Spelling on, you will still see the red squiggly line under misspelled words without having auto-correct change it to something you didn't mean to say.

Do you think you'll miss some aspects of auto-correct? You can set up a keyboard shortcut from this screen, which will allow you to type "omw" and have it replaced with "On my way!".

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