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How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPad


How to Turn off GPS and Location Services
iPad Location Services Settings

There are two methods of turning off location services on an iPad. The location services for a single app can be switched off, or all services for all apps can be turned off. Thankfully, you can accomplish either of these tasks in the same place.

The iPad either uses GPS (for 3G/4G models) or Wi-Fi hotspots and cell tower triangulation (for all other models) to determine the location. Turning off location services will not only prevent an app from determining the iPad's location, it can also save battery power. More Tips to Save Battery Power

  1. First, go to the iPad's settings by touching the setting icon. It looks like gears in motion.
  2. Next, choose Location Services from the left-side menu.
  3. In the main window, turn the top switch to off to restrict all apps from using GPS or Wi-Fi hotspots to determine the iPad's location. If you just want to turn it off in a single app, scroll down the list until you see the app's name and turn the switch to off.

Hint: Apps that use location services will ask your permission when you first launch them. It's a good idea to deny access unless you know you want the app to use these services. You can always turn it on later if there is a cool feature that uses location services.

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