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iPad Keyboard Help


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iPad Keyboard Settings Help
iPad Keyboard Settings

The iPad Keyboard Settings will let you do customize your iPad by turning off Auto-Correction, choosing an International Keyboard or even setting up Keyboard Shortcuts. Let's go over the different options under Keyboard Settings to understand what you can do to modify your iPad's keyboard.

  • Auto-Capitalization. By default, the iPad automatically capitalizes the first letter in a new sentence. This setting will let you turn the option off.
  • Auto-Correction. Have you ever typed in one word only to have the iPad change it to a completely different word? That's Auto-Correction. It can be very helpful for common misspellings, but it can also be quite embarrassing when quickly typing up something to a friend only to find several words changed to something you didn't mean. (More on Turning Off Auto-Correct).
  • Check Spelling. Have you ever noticed those red squiggly lines under a word when typing on the iPad? That's the built-in spell checker. You can turn it off by switching Check Spelling to Off.
  • Enable Caps Lock. By default, the iPad will turn of the caps key after you type in your next letter, number or symbol. But if you double tap the caps key, it turns on caps lock, which will allow you to type in multiple capital letters without the need to hit the caps key before each one. If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off here.
  • "." Shortcut. If you hit space twice in a row, the iPad will insert a period in place of the first space. This is a neat shortcut if you are typing in long paragraphs, but if you often find yourself two actual spaces, you can turn off the option here.
  • International Keyboards. When you first set up your iPad, you set your nationality settings. But if that changes -- if you want to switch to a British keyboard or a German keyboard -- you can change that setting in the International keyboard settings. You can also change from the standard "QWERTY" keyboard to the "AZERTY" keyboard or the "QWERTZ" keyboard layout.
  • Split Keyboard. Did you know you can split the iPad's keyboard in two by pulling it apart from the middle? This splits the keyboard in half with one side of the keyboard on one side of the display and the other side of the keyboard on the other side of the display. It is great for thumb-typing. But what if you never want to use it? You can turn off the split keyboard with this setting, which means you'll never accidentally pull your keyboard apart.
  • Dictation. The 3rd generation iPad includes Voice Dictation, which is great if you aren't as handy with the on-screen keyboard. But if you prefer typing to talking, you can turn off Voice Dictation with this setting.
  • Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to type in a simple abbreviation (like "omw") and have the iPad convert it to something longer (like "On my way!"). You can add new shortcuts here, which is great if you find yourself constantly typing in the same phrase.

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