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Is an iPad Right For You?


If you want the most popular tablet that has the most apps and the biggest ecosystem of accessories, your choice is simple: the iPad. Why does popularity matter? The iPad not only hosts some of the best quality apps and games available on a tablet, it also has some of the most interesting accessories built for it, including an accessory that will turn your iPad into an old-school arcade and even an accessory for hooking your guitar into your iPad.

The iPad is the sum of its parts. The popularity of the iPhone adds to the usefulness of an iPad, which can video conference with iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac users via FaceTime. The iPad interacts with Apple TV, allowing the iPad to be connected to an HDTV without the hassle of cords. And not only does the iPad have 250,000 apps designed specifically for it in the app store, it is also compatible with the 700,000 apps for the iPhone. And the uses for the iPad range from work to home to gaming to making music and videos.

Like the Google Nexus and the Microsoft Surface, there are two different versions of the iPad: the iPad and the iPad Mini.

The iPad is a 9.7-inch tablet with a customized chipset that includes a quad-core graphics processor. And those boosted graphics are needed to power the 2048 x 1536 'Retina Display'. This is the most powerful iPad, with access to 4G LTE networks and capable of Wi-Fi channel bonding. Starting at $499, this iPad is best for those who want a larger canvas with which to work, especially those who want to combine a little business with their pleasure. Compare Prices for the iPad 4

The iPad Mini is a 7.9-inch tablet, which is slightly larger than the competing 7-inch tablets on the market. The guts of the iPad Mini are similar to the iPad 2, which makes it slower than the full-sized iPad, but still compatible with all of the apps and games available on the App Store. Like it's bigger brother, the iPad Mini can connect to 4G LTE networks. It's best for those who plan to mostly enjoy consuming media and playing casual games. And starting at $329, its a great way to save a little money on an iPad. Compare Prices for the iPad Mini

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