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The iPad's Hidden Music Controls Revealed


How to Open the iPad's Hidden Music Controls
iPad Hidden Music Controls

Note: The hidden music controls were replaced by the control panel in the iOS 7 update. If you have updated to the latest version of the iPad's operating system, you can find out more about the new control panel here.

Did you know you can skip songs without going back to the music app? Not only can the hidden music controls can be a great way to control both music and video playback, they also provide a way to activate AirPlay and even tone down the brightness of your iPad's display.

The hidden music controls can be revealed by opening the iPad's task bar. This is done by "double-clicking" the iPad's home button. When the task bar pops up, simply slide your finger from the far left side of the task bar to the far right side and the hidden controls will appear.

The far left icon on the hidden controls will either be a mute switch or it will lock the orientation of your iPad, which can be great if you are reading in bed and holding the iPad at an angle. You can set this icon in the iPad's settings under the general section. It will always act opposite of how the side switch is set.

The AirPlay button is just to the right of the music controls. This button will only appear if the iPad detects an AirPlay-compatible device nearby, such as AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV. Find Out More About AirPlay

The current app will be whatever is controlling the sound or video playback at that moment. For example, if you are listening to Pandora Radio, this icon will take you to the Pandora application.

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