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Review: Flipboard for iPad

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Flipboard for iPad

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Category: News and Reference
Developer: Flipboard Inc
Released: 7/21/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Download from iTunes

Flipboard Features

  • News and content from around the web
  • Your social media shown as an online magazine
  • Customize to flip through your own interests

Flipboard Review

If ever there were an app that embodied the spirit of the iPad, it would be Flipboard. One part news and one part social media mixed together as an interactive magazine, it's little wonder why Flipboard was named Apple's iPad App of the Year.

Flipboard acts as an online magazine that you 'flip' through, much like you would flip through a real magazine or a book. The app defaults to basic categories like News, Technology and Style, and you can easily add any number of different sources like ESPN or Rolling Stone magazine.

And if that were all Flipboard did, it would be one of the better news readers on the app store. The interface is crisp, the graphics are engaging and the entire experience makes you feel as if you were reading a magazine.

But where Flipboard really shines -- and what made it the app of the year -- is how it takes your social media experience and converts it into this magazine-style experience. Once connected to Twitter, you'll see the links shared on your Twitter feed displayed as articles, making Twitter a personalized magazines. And if you really want a social experience, you have to see Facebook as shown by Flipboard. From articles to comments to photos, you'll quickly see your friends in a brand new way.

Flipboard is a free download, and once you have it connected to your social media accounts, it quickly becomes a priceless experience.

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