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iPad RPGs: Role-Playing Games You Can Play on the Go

Are you looking to add a little role-playing into your iPad gaming? The iPad has a great combination of graphics, power and portability, making these iPad RPGs as mobile as your characters will be inside the fantasy worlds they create. Included among the best RPGs on the iPad are massively multiplayer online role-playing games like Pocket Legends, action-strategy RPGs like Dungeon Defenders and more traditional games like Infinity Blade.

Review: Order & Chaos Online
Order and Chaos Online has a similar faction-based setup as World of Warcraft, with humans and elves going up against orcs and the undead. The game also features all of the standard aspects of an MMORPG, including the ability to join guilds, trade with players and challenge fellow players to duels.

Profile: Infinity Blade
An action-RPG that utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 to create great visuals, Infinity Blade portrays you as a lone knight on an adventure where you will face off against the titans of the God King in his dark citadel.

Profile: Dungeon Defenders: First Wave
Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Information is a hybid epic online action-RPG/tower Defense game that allows you to battle by yourself or with up to 3 friends.

Profile: Pocket Legends
Pocket Legends has been described as World of Warcraft in your pocket, and gamers will instantly recognize the cartoon-graphics and the exclamation marks on above the quest-giving non-player characters.

Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 HD for iPad
Are you itching to play Diablo on your iPad? Dungeon Hunter 2 delivers the same Action-RPG experience that was so engaging when we first went looking for the Lord of Terror. In the sequel to Dungeon Hunter, you are the son of an immortal King who must survive a war, escape prison and travel across the realm to save Gothicus.

Profile: Sword of Fargoal Legends for iPad
For those familiar with Rogue-like games, which feature random maps and dungeons to increase replayability, Sword of Fargoal Legends might sound familiar. And for good reason. Adapted from the Commodore 64 game, Sword of Fargoal Legends is an RPG that allows you to explore the depths of a dungeon in an attempt to rescue the Sword of Fargoal.

Profile: 100 Rogues for iPad
Aptly named, 100 Rogues is a Rogue-like role-playing game for the iPad that features a mixture of randomly generated maps, a fixture for Rogue-like games, and hand-crafted maps.

Profile: Eternal Legacy for iPad
Eternal Legacy is a huge role-playing game in the Japanese style where you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the bond between humans and nature.

Profile: Chaos Rings for iPad
Chaos Rings features a retro-style turn-based combat system and 3D combat scenes that come to life on the iPad screen. Square Enix's role-playing game allows you to choose a pair of fighters -- one male and one female -- in order to do battle against other combat pairs in the Ark Arena.

Profile: Across Age for iPad
If you miss the days of Zelda, Across Age is the RPG for you. With the a graphics style that brings back 16-bit console memories and plenty of riddles to solve, monsters to defeat and locations to discover, Across Age is the consummate console RPG.

Profile: Aralon: Sword and Shadow for iPad
If your idea of an RPG is an open world where the story is waiting to be discovered rather than shoved down your throat, Aralon: Sword and Shadow was made for you.

Profile: Rimelands: Hammer of Thor for iPad
Are you looking to put more turn-based strategy into your action-rpg? Rimelands: Hammer of Thor has all the feel of an action-rpg with the combat system of a turn-based game, allowing it to exploit the good points of both systems.

Profile: Battleheart
Battleheart is a hybrid RPG/RTS with cute graphics and engaging game play. The campaign mode includes over 30 levels and a survival mode will keep you playing well after the campaign ends.

Dungeon Hunter 2 Class Skills and Abilities
One of the great additions to Dungeon Hunter 2 is the ability to specialize your character. Each of the three classes (Warrior, Rogue and Mage) can choose one of two different paths, which gives Dungeon Hunter 2 a total of six different paths to follow.

Profile: Pocket RPG
Pocket RPG is an action RPG released on the iOS platform in July, 2011. The game is action-heavy and features random dungeon levels, which gives the user a fresh adventure each time they take on a new quest.

Profile: Final Fantasy III for iPad
Square Enix brings the classic RPG Final Fantasy III to the iPad with updated graphics but the same great game play that made the Final Fantasy series so popular. This version of the game is based on the Nintendo DS port.

Profile: Silversword
Silversword is a role-playing game that brings back memories of The Bard's Tale, Wizardry and Might and Magic. Players that remember these classic games will be instantly familiar with the style of gameplay offered by Silversword, and those who long for the days of the games will be pleasantly surprised.

Review: The Bard's Tale
The Bard's Tale is a remake of the 2004 Xbox/PS2 game by the same name. A witty Action RPG, the game is based on the famed role-playing series from the late 80s, but with a big sense of humor added to the action.

Profile: Avadon: The Black Fortress
Avadon: The Black Fortress is a role-playing game for the iPad that is a throw back to the turn-based RPGs of old, easily reminding most of the The Bard's Tale, Ultima and Might and Magic.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Shows Dark Side of In-App Purchases
Dungeon Hunter 4 displays the worst of the freemium model with annoying advertisements and a model that will hamper your wallet.

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