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Profile: Final Fantasy III for iPad


Final Fantasy III for iPad

Image © Square Enix

Category: Games - Role-playing
Developer: SQUARE ENIX
Released: 4/21/11
Rating: Ages 9 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Final Fantasy III Features

  • Classic RPG remade for iOS
  • New 3D graphics designed for the iPad
  • Specialize characters in skills ranging from black magi to thievery to swordsmanship

Final Fantasy III Information

Final Fantasy III is an updated version of the classic game developed by Square and released in Japan in 1990. The game features updated graphics and a new interface to go along with the iPad, but other than bringing it into the modern age, it is a faithful translation of the game.

The story involves four kids that are drawn to a crystal light which grants them some of its powers, allowing them to set forth on a journey to restore balance to the world. The game gives you control over all 4 member of the party, and the class system allows you to assign new jobs at any time, which is nice considering new jobs will become available as you go through the game.

True to its original incarnation and the Nintendo DS port, Final Fantasy III is a turn-based game with a tactical battle system. It also has a difficulty level not often seen in modern games outside of Dark Souls, with save points allowed in the main world map but limited in dungeons. This means players might have to run through the same dungeon several times before successfully getting to the end and defeating the boss.

The biggest knock on Final Fantasy III is the price, which at $16.99 is extremely expensive for an iPad game. This definitely puts it into the category of those who love the Final Fantasy games and would love to play through one again.

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