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Profile: 100 Rogues for iPad


100 Rogues

© Fusion Reactions

Category: Games - Role-playing
Developer: Fusion Reactions
Rating: Ages 9
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.0 or later

Download from iTunes

100 Rogues Features

  • Retro-style Rogue-like RPG
  • Mixture of hand-crafted and random maps
  • 3 unique classes with different skills and abilities
  • 50 challenging monsters and a plethora of different items and weapons

100 Rogues Information

Aptly named, 100 Rogues is a Rogue-like role-playing game for the iPad that features a mixture of randomly generated maps, a fixture for Rogue-like games, and hand-crafted maps. With a whole host of creative monsters like Skybabies, Candy Clowns and Gummy Rats, 100 Rogues will lead you on an adventure where you'll be hit by teleporting traps and hunting down rare throwing knives.

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