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Profile: Across Age for iPad


Across Age HD

© FDG Entertainment

Category: Games - Role-playing
Developer: FDG Entertainment
Released: 9/30/10
Rating: Ages 12+
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Download from iTunes

Across Age Features

  • Classic 16-bit RPG style
  • Tons of locations, monsters and riddles
  • Switch between swordsman Ales and magician Ceska

Across Age Information

If you miss the days of Zelda, Across Age is the RPG for you. With the a graphics style that brings back 16-bit console memories and plenty of riddles to solve, monsters to defeat and locations to discover, Across Age is the consummate console RPG.

In Across Age, you'll take over the role of Ales the swordsman and Ceska the magician, each of which have their own special skills. And as you fight your way through the adventure, you'll have the ability to travel through time and revisit old places, enabling new events and riddles.

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