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The Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad

Facebook, Twitter and More...


Whether you are looking to enhances your Facebook experience or your want a great Twitter iPad app to go beyond what the Twitter website offers, this list of best social networking apps should offer a solution. And beyond just Twitter and Facebook, you'll find apps for book lovers, gamers and even an app that allows you to text your friends for free.


Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is a no-brainer for best overall social networking app on the app store. A magazine-style reader that grabs headlines from magazines and newspapers as well as providing a totally new way to read your social media, Flipboard interfaces with Facebook and Twitter to create interactive sections of the app. In addition to the social networking features, you can customize the app to your interests and use it as your morning newspaper and mid-afternoon magazine.


FriendCaster for Facebook

If you ever wanted to know what Facebook might look like if it were designed from the ground up as an iPad app, look no furhter.  FriendCaster improves upon Facebook's interface by providing a much better news feed and wall experience -- including a custom news feed called "FriendStream" that provides real-time updates in an almost Twitter-like fashion -- and an improved photo album interface.  FriendCaster also supports chat, checkins and allows families to easily switch between mutliple Facebook accounts.

MyPad for Facebook and Twitter


If your need to use Twitter and Facebook at the same time go beyond simply sending out a status update to both, MyPad will allow you to check your timeline and Twitter feed from one convenient location. It's definitely weighted in favor of the Facebook side of things, giving access to most aspects of your Facebook pages while being a rather light Twitter client, but its great for checking out the latest updates without switching back and forth.



A nice alternative to the official Twitter app, TweetCaster is great for those who want the ability to post updates to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time. The app has all of the basics you'll find on Twitter, including a nice Who to Follow interface, and goes once step beyond by showing nearby tweets and allowing easy access to multiple accounts.


The Official Twitter App

Rounding out the Twitter apps on the list is the official Twitter app. This is a no-thrills app that won't give you anything more than you would experience on the website -- if, of course, the website fully supported the iPad rather than dumping you to a mobile page. If you mainly use Twitter's website on your PC, and you really don't need anything more, the official Twitter app for the iPad is the way to go.



Book lovers that haven't heard of Goodreads should run straight to the app store for this one. A social network for literature, Goodreads is a great way to connect with your friends and find out what everyone is reading. A neat feature of the app is the barcode scanner, which will let you quickly add your library to the social network by utilizing the camera on your iPad 2 in order to scan the barcodes of your books.

360 Live

360 Live for iPad

If you are a gamer that wants to taunt your friends from your iPad, 360 Live is a great addition to your library. The free version just gives you access to your friends list, profiles and achievements, but the best part is the ability to message them straight from your iPad. This makes it handy both for sending taunts when you aren't at your Xbox 360 or using it as a surrogate keyboard for your console.



While Facebook and Twitter get all the press, texting is still the most popular social experience these days. But while the phone companies want to charge exorbitant rates in order to force us into texting plans, there is a simple way to obtain free texting: textPlus from Gogii, Inc. This app not only allows you to text for free, but it has grouping and community features that will let you chat with your friends or even meet new people.

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