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Profile: You Don't Know Jack HD


You Don't Know Jack

© Jellyvision Inc.

Category: Games - Trivia
Developer: Jellyvision Inc.
Rating: Ages 12 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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You Don't Know Jack Features

  • 20 Unique Episodes
  • Game Center compatible
  • Variety of question types including DisOrDats, Jack Attacks and Funky Trash

You Don't Know Jack Information

You Don't Know Jack combines trivia with a cutting sense of humor that pokes fun at pop culture. With a tagline of "where high culture and pop culture collide", the game was designed around the concept that it was possible to ask about both Shakespeare and Scooby Doo in the same question.

The game plays out as a well-crafted episode of a quiz show, but it can be easy to mistake it for a comedy routine at times. You Don't Know Jack is as much about laughing and being entertained as it is about trivia. The question types include Multiple Choice, DisOrDats, Jack Attacks, Who's the Dummy?, Funky Trash, and Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson.

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