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Music Challenge HD Review

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Music Challenge HD for iPad

© Redwind Software

Category: Games - Trivia
Developer: Redwind Software
Released: 8/12/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Music Challenge Features

  • Eleven distinct categories
  • Use your own music library as a category
  • Fifteen different mini-games
  • Three game types: Classic, Pass N Play and Blindfold
  • Local and global leaderboards

Music Challenge Review

Redwind Software is a leader in trivia apps for the iPhone and iPad, so it is not unexpected that Music Challenge HD is one of the best music trivia games for the iPad. Using the same winning formula of a board filled with mini-games that makes Movie Challenge HD so great, Music Challenge HD lets you choose from categories like 60s Music, Bands, 1 Hit Wonders and Awards & TV in order to play a variety of mini-games.

But where Music Challenge HD really shines is the ability to include your own music library in the My Music category. Think you really know what is in your music library? The My Music category will quiz you by playing you a piece of the song and forcing to name that tune, or just showing you a bit of the cover art in order to name the album.

The mini-games include standards from the Movie Challenge version like True/False, Multiple Choice and Jumble and the hangman mini-game, which is now called Gig. Music Challenge also includes new mini-games like a match game that will have you matching up artists to songs and a fill-in-the-blank mini-game.

For music aficionados who love a good game of trivia, Music Challenge is one of the best games on the app store.

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