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Top 5 Movie Trivia Games for the iPad


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5. Movie Quiz Free
Movie Quiz Free for iPad

Do you have an addiction to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Do you try to stump your friends with obscure movie quotes? Can you name a movie from one glimpse of a scene or just a list of the main actors? It's time to separate the movie buffs from the casual fans and the film aficionados from the theater newbies with a list of the best movie trivia games on the iPad.

First up is Movie Quiz Free. This rapid-fire quiz game presents you with an image from the movie and four choices. The quicker you get to the right choice, the more coins you will earn. And those coins stick with you, allowing you to unlock new categories. (Yes, you can buy extra coins via in-app purchase, but it really doesn't take long to earn coins through the game.)

It may lack some of the depth of the other games on this list, but makes up for it by being a great casual game. This is the type of game you boot up in the doctor's waiting room or on the train into work. You can get through one session in just a few minutes, and the game is fun enough to keep you entertained.

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