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Top 5 Movie Trivia Games for the iPad


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3. Scene It? Movies 2
Scene It? Movies 2  for iPad

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Scene It? jumps out of your DvD player and onto your iPad with Scene It? Movies 2. The game supports a wide variety of movie trivia accessed through two game modes: Solo or Movie Pass.

In solo play, you'll score points based not only on getting the right answer, but on how quickly you can get the answer. But don't think you'll just be pumping out multiple choice trivia. You'll have to solve mini games which include putting movies in the right order and being quizzed on video clips.

Movie Pass will have you passing the iPad around to your friends as you race to get the answers right. It's like a juiced up Solo play with a secret timer ready to boot a random contestant off at any moment, so it is important to get a right answer as soon as possible.

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