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Reader Submissions: Show Off Your iPad App


One of the best things about Apple's app store is how individual developers can compete on relatively even footing with the big guys. They may have more money to dump into development and marketing, but once you get into the app store, anyone's app can take off and become one of the top downloads. (You can also post about your favorite apps or show off your app in our discussion forum.)

Display Your iPad App

Gurgle Numbers for iPad

This Maths game is a fun brightly coloured App that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables. The Number Bond games include Number Bonds to 5, 10, 20 Number Bonds to …More

removee - a flat design puzzle game for iPad

In removee your goal is to remove all the dots traveling along the lines. But you can use a line only once. So you have to think a little in advance.The more than 150 levels start easy, but its getti…More

Hangman Run for iPad

Hangman Run completely reinvents the ordinary Hangman game by combining it with an endless running game. The goal during your run is to collect all the letters of the word, just like the traditional …More

CheckMySymptoms for iPad

CheckMySymptoms is a health symptoms review and diagnosis app. The user steps through a symptom collection survey resulting in possible diagnoses and treatment options. CheckMySymptoms stands out amo…More

What D'Ya Know? for iPad

What D'Ya Know? is not your average free trivia game. It's pop culture mixed with general knowledge mixed with brain-busting trivia, set in an exciting game show with a host who really doesn't think …More

Sort - puzzle game for iPad

Sort is 100% free minimalistic puzzle game where random numbered circles must be removed in correct order from lowest to highest number before time runs out. Game is easy to learn and fun to play, it…More

My Animals Game for iPad

This is a Hidden Objects game meant for young children. It is a simple game that is fun to play. Play against the clock to find your hidden animal and Win! When you win you advance to the next level.…More

Sync and Swim for iPad

Sync and Swim consists of three different memory games and is suitable for children (and the young at heart!) ages 5 and up. "Patterns" puts a spin on the traditional memory genre by using adorable s…More

Photo Organizer for iPad

Organizes photo on your device or your photo streamEasy to use drag and drop style.Search bar on main screen for quick easy searchingGreat for businesses wanting to show off their pictures on the go …More

Today's Lineup for iPad

Today’s Lineup is an iOS and Android app for phones and tablets. It makes it a lot easier to set up your baseball lineup and position players. It’s a great, timesaving game management app…More

Famous Athletes PopArt Quiz for iPad

More than 210 athletes Doesn't require internet connection More than 7 levels of difficulty It's FREE The best way to discover the most popular athletes Lots of fun with family and friends Wide rang…More

iSOP for ipad

Lovers of iPad may have found that you have different documents and files that you require in emails, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, PDF, Photo, on a website etc. You want to bring these commonly used docs to…More

FortuNot Cookie for iPad

This is an app that gives you unfortunates instead of fortunes. They are short and simple unfortunates that make people laugh. Not to be taken literally but just as a way to laugh and enjoy our humor…More

PhotoScope for iPad

PhotoScope lets you browse your iPhoto and Aperture libraries from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi. A helper app running on your computer stream images to the iOS device as required for the…More

Grumpy Monkey for iPad

Become a MONKEY that throws balloons at people from atop a building. Collect hats that give you Super Duper Powers! You can also throw POOP! What else could you ask for?!?!Available on Google Play:ht…More

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