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Reader Submissions: Show Off Your iPad App


One of the best things about Apple's app store is how individual developers can compete on relatively even footing with the big guys. They may have more money to dump into development and marketing, but once you get into the app store, anyone's app can take off and become one of the top downloads. (You can also post about your favorite apps or show off your app in our discussion forum.)

My Words for iPad

An Assistive Technology App that helps non-verbal people such as autistic kids, and people who suffer from brain stroke to communicate with everyone around them. All they have to do is simple tap the…More

Towers - The Tile Stacking Word Game for iPad

Towers is a tile based word game for two players. Score points by adding tiles to the board to create words. Score more points by stacking tiles on top of already existing words.Towers is a fun & cha…More

FlyThroughSky for iPad

Exclusively for iOS! Can you become the best pilot? Do you have enough dexterity and reaction to overcome at least one cloud? Then go ahead! To victory! Fly Through Sky! Show everyone that You're the…More

Salt & Pepper for iPad

Salt & Pepper is a physics-based game for all ages only available on iOS.The goal of Salt & Pepper is very simple, create paths using your finger or a style to guide the salt and pepper to their bowl…More

iUp Note for iPad

iUp Note is a useful application that provides the user with a different note-taking capabilities. It has a nice collection of papers that others dont have, auto Text/Image and Hyperlink, etc. It can…More

MadFinger for iPad

When you tap "Play" you will get the customary "Ready,Set,Go!" countdown and then the screen fill will a collection of cartoon faces. Some of the faces will be highlighted in red which are your targe…More

32 Things To Do New York for iPad

What is the 32 Things To Do?32 Things To Do is the perfect travel app for your iPhone and iPad. Say goodbye to big, bulky travel guides! With the right blend of functionality, and user friendly categ…More

Zoogly Eyes for iPad

Are you bored out of your mind and just need a “pick-me-up” to your day or want to make your friends look funny just because? Than look no further, for your eyes are about to behold the m…More

Ducky Dive for iPad

Ducky Dive, a new game for iPod, iPad and iPod Touch was just released this May 2012. The simple game play will provide small excitement that perfectly suitable for in-between activities time waster.…More

Smashing Cans for iPad

Take arm against your rivals, the Cans, in this modern spin on a classic carnival game. Choose which bean bags will inflict the most damage and throw them trying to knock all the cans off the pedesta…More

MixZle HD for iPad

MixZle combines two classic puzzle styles into one cohesive experience. The game is a mixture of physics and sliding puzzle, demanding good spatial and logical thinking as well as quick response. Man…More

Word-Drop for iPad

Word-Drop HD has been a hit since its inception as a web-based flash game and was first brought into the mobile arena on the iPad. Since that point, we have continued to enhance and improve the gamep…More

Voice Secretary for iPad

Voice Secretary (iPhone/iPod touch) is a business app that allows users to set reminders by speaking into their iPhone. Developed by G-Power, Voice Secretary reminds users of important meetings, even…More

Character Creations FREE for iPad

Character Creations is a fun app aimed at children. The basis of the app is creating characters by dragging over different body parts that make up a character. The free version has two type of charac…More

Gravity Hole for iPad

Gravity Hole introduces falling with grace.Your job is to guide our funny red main character Arnold around to keep him floating in the air as long as possible.To help you achieve this there are sever…More

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