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Birds Sounds App ~ BirdVo ~ Bird Voices

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By Thaker

Birds Sounds App ~ BirdVo ~ Bird Voices

iPhone View

Birds Sounds App ~ BirdVo ~ Bird Voices

iPad View

App Name:

Birds Sounds App ~ BirdVo ~ Bird Voices


Harsh Thaker

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)


Key Features:

Large number of birds sounds

Beautiful Design

Easily played sounds

Gesture Enabled

App Description

BidVo is an App for bird sounds with the most number of bird sounds on the App store.

It has beautiful interface and also gesture enabled. It's an app for nature lovers, birds lovers, peace lovers and kids.

Kids can learn the names of different birds and also can listen their sounds for fun.

Tips and Tricks

  • The funny thing one can do with BirdVo is to launch it in iPad and start touching all birds, this will create a virtual jungle or zoo effect.

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