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Blarts for iPad

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By matt0102

Blarts for iPad

Level 23...pendulum

Blarts for iPad

Level 25...how do you get those balloons?

App Name:



Mad Matter Design

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)

Corona SDK

Key Features:

- 3 fun game modes

- simple addicting style of play

- 25 levels

- fast paced "Survival" mode

- slower paced "Hangtime" mode

- fun sounds

- switch the view for left handed or right handed players

- online leaderboards

- simple clean graphics

- combo and Hangtime bonus points

App Description

Who would have thought that launching darts at balloons could be so addicting and fun! Well, anyone thats tried Blarts can vouch for that! In this simple but challenging physics game, you touch the screen to aim and release to launch! Try any of the 3 game modes: Survival mode for fast paced balloon popping mayhem. Hangtime mode to test your accuracy and patience or simply play through the levels over and over to try and top your high scores! Watch as the dart bounces and ricochets over balloons, off of obstacles, and into other darts!

There is one simple objective to this game; pop as many balloons as you can as accurately and quickly as you can to gain maximum points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try leading the balloons!
  • The farther away from the dart you touch the faster and more direct it will fly!
  • Most levels can be passed using only 1 dart!
  • Its all about accuracy and reflexes!

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