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CheckItOut HD - Webpage Screenshot and Annotation Tool

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By wiremuch

CheckItOut HD - Webpage Screenshot and Annotation Tool

Annotate directly on a webpage!

CheckItOut HD - Webpage Screenshot and Annotation Tool

Email screenshot directly from within the App!

App Name:

CheckItOut HD - Webpage Screenshot and Annotation Tool



iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)


Key Features:

* Markup directly on the webpage

* Add and delete bookmarks of frequently visited url

* Intuitive selection rectangle to select region of interest

* In App Sending of Email with attached images

* Save into iPhoto for use in other Apps

* Save into Clipboard to Paste into other Apps

* Shake iPad to clear drawing

App Description

Found something while surfing the net that you want someone else to check out?

Use CheckItOut HD to capture the webpage into an image. Make markups DIRECTLY on the webpage to make your point clearer and include both the image and the markups automatically into email ready to be sent along with the url for easy access.

CheckItOut HD is a must have handy tool to have at your disposal.

Tips and Tricks

  • markup something cool on a webpage to send your friend to checkout
  • marking a location on the map
  • send website changes to your web designer
  • show where you are in a photo on a website
  • highlight pieces of interesting text
  • show errors on your website to your developer

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