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Cubic Maze for iPad

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By Wayne Allen Bateman

Cubic Maze for iPad

iPad main view

Cubic Maze for iPad

Trail creation menu

App Name:

Cubic Maze


Wayne Allen Bateman

iTunes Link:


Developed Using: (XCode, Corona, Etc.)


Key Features:

3 Dimensional view

interactive rotation of maze view

6 skill levels

create interior subpaths

"solution" button to see shortest path to goal

adjustable interior visibility

optional grid to display interior paths

unlimited selectable/repeatable or random games

optional scorekeeper

App Description

A truly unique and amazing version of the classic maze that is fully 3-dimensional. The matrix of corridor-pathways is made clearly visible on the screen with vivid and natural 3-D graphics. The user is able to rotate the maze cube in any direction with easy swipe gestures in order to view it from any possible angle. One may conveniently plot and view up to 10 interior paths to aid in solving the puzzle. A “solution” button is also available to view the shortest path to the goal from any interior position. The game may be played at any of 6 levels of difficulty, to challenge and entertain puzzle fans of all ages and expertise.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use drag gesture or finger-pressing or tapping to move the ball through the maze. Rotate the cube with the finger to see optimal viewing angle.

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